• October updates

    By Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez

    October was a particularly intense month, with lots of exciting news!

    We are thrilled to announce that NumFOCUS accepted to fund our proposal to introduce array orbit types to accelerate parallel computing workflows in poliastro as part of their Small Development Grants program. The proposal was written by Sebastian M. Ernst and we have already started coordinating what will be the next steps.

    In other news, a team of researchers participating in the Global Trajectory Optimization Competition is using poliastro, and they discovered a few bugs and made numerous code contributions. Special thanks to Manuel López Ibáñez!

    Among other things, we fixed long standing bugs of our Izzo algorithm for the Lambert problem and our accelerated rotation_matrix function. We plan to release the next version of poliastro with these and other fixes in the coming weeks.

    Lately we have been struggling with our numerical propagators, because we want to squeeze more data from the integration process. We rescued some past work and contributed a new higher-order method to SciPy that we hope to finish soon.

    And finally, both the Open Source CubeSat Workshop and SciPy Latin America, two very special events for us, have been announced! We intend to be present in both, let us know if you will be joining as well!