GSoC 2020, I am going to an adventure!

By Meuge

Hi, you all! Let me tell you something, this is going to be the beginning of our journey together, we are going on to a spatial adventure! Sit tight, and wait for the countdown!


But first, let me introduce myself, my name is María Eugenia, though everybody knows me as Meuge.

First things first, SPACE? How did we get here?

All began with the big bang, no wait, that's a story for another time. All began in 2019, when JuanLu reached out to the The Fellowship of the ring Python Científico community to informed us that Poliastro would be part of GSoC 2019. To be honest with you, I had just a slight idea of astrodynamics, so I took a big leap of faith and asked JuanLu where I could make myself useful.

Yoda's way

The truth is that JuanLu wasn't that green... But he clearly had the wisdom of Master Yoda to lead a young Padawan to the ways of the space. We started with Frozen Orbit PR Mission, and along with the force, success was on our side.

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

It's been a long journey, but I finally got the opportunity to work with the Poliastro folks. I have nothing but kind words for the community that immediately took me in and made me feel welcome. After some deliberation, along with JuanLu and Jorge, we decided to go for the following proposal: "Designing a Specialized Orbit and Implementing Geometries for Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capabilities"

It's working

And luckily this proposal was selected to be carried out this year.

So what can I say, I was over the moon when I received the news!!!

Winter is coming or should I say winter is coding?

Although GSoC stands for Summer, here in the South Hemisphere, we don't feel the same. It's really cold and with no Starks around.


But feeling really excited to start the GWoC. To brief you into this matter, this Winter, I mean this Summer, one of our core tasks is to be launching the Space mission analysis and design module at Poliastro. At Poliastro, we feel that it's necessary to provide the most efficient way to accomplish the space mission’s objectives while optimizing the time required and minimizing the cost and risk associated.

Really looking forward to starting this new journey with Poliastro :) See you in the next time folks time, trying to conquer the world?

pinky and brain